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Friday, December 08, 2006

How To Listen To Your iPod While Mowing The Lawn

Yeah, I know, a strange post indeed for the middle of winter! The topic just crossed my mind though.

I have a neighbor that I noticed that whenever he mows his lawn he listens to music on some HUGE headphones. I thought it was odd at first. Then I got my iPod and tried listening to music while mowing the lawn. I had to turn the volume up full blast just to hear anything over my crappy old mower.

Now I see why my friend used such huge headphones. I went browsing about the net and found this pair that a user gave 5 stars to because he could now listen to his iPod while mowing the lawn.

Or, or you cheapskates out there like to engineer your own treasures, you can build your own set of "jackhammer headphones" for under $20.

And for the rest of us, there is always eBay. :)

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